Child Custody Through Their Eyes

Divorce can be a tough conversation to have with your children. We talked to two adults who were open about their childhood and what it looked like going between their birth parents. These are their stories about child custody and what they had to say about it. Their names have been altered, but their story has not. Through their accounts on various ages, we were able to see first hand accounts on what it is like for children, and advice to those who are going through the same process. Emily Emily is a current graduate student here in Arkansas. She was very young when her parents divorced, and didn’t know what was going on at the time. Emily said, “It was weird because I had vague memories about it growing up, but it was just normal to me that I had my mom’s house and my dad’s house. I didn’t see it as child custody. I just thought it was time to go see mom, and then time to go see dad. I did feel more loved whenever I saw my dad on the weekend,…

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