Cheez-it Cheats-it on Whole Grains

Snack foods don’t have a good reputation when it comes to healthfulness. So, it is no wonder that their manufacturers often try to come up with ways to make them seem healthier. A few years back, Kellogg came up with a way to make Cheez-its appear to be a more healthy snack. They introduced “Whole Grain Cheez-its.” Some packages said “whole grain” others said “made with whole grains.” But the problem was in the fine print. *MOUSE PRINT: Listed first in the ingredients statement on the side of the box was plain old “enriched white flour.” The Center for Science in the Public Interest sued Kellogg back in 2016 for deceptive practices and false advertising. The lower court said the box was not misleading. So, the plaintiffs decided to let the chips fall where they may and appealed the case. And the appeals court this year reversed the lower court and ruled: “Whole Grain” and “Made with Whole Grain”…

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