Checklist: Summary Judgment Motion Deadlines

Summary judgment and summary adjudication motions are the most difficult and time-consuming motions that can be filed with the court. Use this checklist to make sure that you meet the key deadlines. __   1.  Latest Date to Request Hearing Date and Hear Motion __   a.  Make a request to set a hearing date at least 105 days before the trial date (75 days notice plus 30 days before trial date). CAUTION: If the matter will be heard in counties that schedule law and motion calendars for certain days of the week, make sure to coordinate with the court clerk to schedule the motion hearing on a day during which law and motion matters will be heard. This may result in a longer period of time than the shortest time specified above. __   b.  Motion must be heard no later than 30 days before trial date. __   2.  Filing Moving Papers __   a.  First day to file: __   i.  Any time after 60 days have…

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