Checklist: Reviewing an Estate Plan

Attorneys are often asked to review a will prepared by either another attorney or the client who used a self-help book. But review of an existing will really means an estate plan review, including beneficiary designations and powers of attorney. It’s relatively simple to spot improper drafting, but harder to determine whether needed provisions were omitted. This checklist will help you review a will and estate plan to make sure it’s up-to-date and meets your client’s needs.1. Introductory Clauses __   Has the client’s name changed? __   Is the client’s domicile correct? Would it make sense to begin to document a different domicile? __   Are the declarations on the client’s family current? __   Has there been a change in the nature and value of the client’s assets, or the characterization of significant assets? __   Is the will prone to attack for breach of a contract to make wills or not…

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