Chalk One Up for The Good Guys

After reading this Bench Conference post last week, Justice Department officials conceded defeat and reinstated traditional hiring policies for baby lawyers and interns. No? Okay, how about this. Bowing to political reality, caught red-handed trying to further politicize the Department of Justice, and unwilling to give further ammunition to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales growing number of critics, partisan loyalists at Justice decided the fight over who gets to pick the summer interns and how just wasnt worth fighting at this time. Dan Eggen and Amy Goldstein over the weekend reported that: “The Justice Department is removing political appointees from the hiring process for rookie lawyers and summer interns, amid allegations that the Bush administration had rigged the programs in favor of candidates with connections to conservative or Republican groups, according to documents and officials…. Justice officials strongly deny that political or partisan factors play any role in who is

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