CBS Sunday Morning does Nathan Myhrvold

CBS Sunday Morning on November 18, 2018 did the annual "food" issue and, in so doing, coveredaspects of Nathan Myhrvold, of Intellectual Ventures in the piece [ ] Of past IPBiz coverage of Myhrvold, see also The Theory of Invention Of some notes:Introduction of stories:Susan Spencer cover story breakfastChrissy Teigen by Rita Braver. John Legend.Lee Cowan food designerSeth Doane on black gold balsamic vinegarJohn Blackstone on Irish whiskey. San FranHeadlinesTrump toured Paradise, CA. Florida electionArgentine submarine San Juan90th anni of Steamboat Willie.WeatherAll clear for Turkey Trot homePulse:52% worry about how healthy food is38% worry about tasteCover story on cereals: Thrillist. Eat nothing but cereal for one week. 82 bowls. Will FultonPaul Friedman of Yale WK Kellogg. Re-energizing. Chocolate peanut butter cheerios.Change shape of marshmallows in lucky…

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