Case o' The Week: Convictions of King and Queen Upheld by Ninth – Anieze-Smith and Restitution

  Queen avoids custody.   (But not restitution).United States v. Anieze-Smith, 2019 WL 1944737 (9thCir. May 2, 2019), decision available here. Players: Decision by Judge Gould, joined by Judge Nguyen and District Judge Benitez.   Hard-fought appeal by, among others, CD Cal AFPD Kathryn Ann Young.   Facts: Queen Anieze-Smith, and her co-defendant, Abdul King Garba, owned a medical supply company. Id. at *1. She was indicted in April 2013 – the statute of limitations went back five years, to April 2008. Id. The indictment alleged a Medicare fraud scheme involving powered wheelchairs that took place from 2006 to 2009, and alleged five executions that took place in 2008 (within the S.O.L.). Id. at *4.    She was convicted after a jury trial, and the district court imposed restitution for the entire amount billed to Medicare – which necessarily included fraudulent acts outside of the statute of limitations. Id. Issue(s):…

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