Cargo Ship Crew Evacuated after Food Poisoning Outbreak

Two crewmen on a cargo vessel off the US Virgin Islands had to be evacuated by the Coast Guard after an attack of food poisoning. According to the Coast Guard in San Juan, they received a video transmission from the Panamanian-flagged Noblesse, saying that the crewmembers on board the vessel were suffering symptoms of food poisoning. The crew members had apparently consumed mackerel fish. Two seamen were seriously ill. A Coast Guard cutter responded to the scene, and airlifted the two crewmembers. The master and the chief engineer of the vessel were severely ill from food poisoning. They were evacuated from the vessel, while the other crewmembers who were also suffering symptoms, remained on the vessel. The two crew members were transferred to a hospital. The last place you want to fall sick on is a vessel. There are limited options for treatment even though many modern cargo vessels have sophisticated medical facilities on board. Even so, when a person's condition becomes serious, there may be no other option than to transfer him into a medical facility on land. The person may have to be medically evacuated by the Coast Guard. An illness on board is one of the many risks that seamen face. If you have been injured in a maritime accident, contact a maritime attorney at my firm for a free evaluation of your case.

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