Car Accidents, Personal Safety, and Ride Share Services

The news has been filled with safety warnings about ride share services following a high-profile case in New Jersey, where a woman was murdered after getting into what she believed was her ride share car. Attacks on passengers and even car accidents can occur with ride sharing services, so it can be useful to follow a few tips to keep safe: Stay inside when you are waiting for a rideshare. This allows you to see how your driver is operating their vehicle before they pull up. If they are driving erratically, you can be safe inside and so avoid a pedestrian accident. You are also less of a target if you are inside. Know what car you are waiting for. Check the license plate, model, and make of the car before you get in. Use the ride share app to verify the driver’s photo. If anything does not match up, do not get in the car. If you are traveling alone, take a quick photo of the car and text it to a friend. Stay on the phone so you can contact help fast if anything illegal…

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