Can Your Ex Stop Your Kids From Playing Sports?

You probably noticed, but kids today are busier than ever before. They’re more active and their time is far more regimented than most of us where when we were that age. Or even now, in some cases. Cluttered with extracurricular activities, social engagements, and more, it seems like they’re always running to what’s next. Sports often play a big part in this. They can be hugely beneficial: they’re a way to get exercise, make friends, learn teamwork, and other skills. In many situations, they’re so important they factor into parenting plans after divorce. But what if your ex tries to interfere or stop your kids from playing sports? Can they do that? What options do you have if they try? In this discussion, we use sports as the example, but it can be any activity. Sports are common, but it can be martial arts, drama or musical performances, robotics club, or other endeavors. Youth sports come with their own baggage, like the ongoing discussion…

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