Can you use a Keylogger to uncover a spouse's infidelity or hidden assets?

You and your spouse may be headed for divorce. Your spouse is on the computer frequently but shuts off the computer or the monitor whenever you come near. You become concerned that your spouse may be having an affair or may hide marital assets. Your spouse hasn't provided you with the websites he/she visits or his/her login information for any sites or their email.  You mention this to a friend who asks if you have considered using a keylogger. A keylogger is a small computer program or app that is often installed on a computer (though as of this writing their are keyloggers for smartphones) that records every keystroke made by the users of the computer and stores that recording in a file on the computer. Many keyloggers also take periodic snapshots of the user's computer screen every few minutes.  Quite a few keyloggers then email the file with recorded keystrokes and the snapshots of the computer screen to you without anyone's knowledge.  The…

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