Can You Revoke a Prenuptial Agreement?

You can revoke a or modify a prenuptial agreement similar to any other contact—by getting your spouse to execute a new agreement. § 52B-6 states that after your marriage, you can only modify or revoke your prenup with a written agreement signed by both parties. That means you’ll need to talk about your prenup with your spouse. First, you may want to consult a family law attorney to discuss the issues you’re having with your prenup. You may also be able to nullify the prenup on other grounds. Modifying Prenup Before Marriage A prenup becomes effective upon marriage. If you signed a prenup, but haven’t yet gotten married, then the agreement hasn’t become effective yet. If you are doubting whether you should have signed the prenup and want to make changes, consult an attorney immediately. You should discuss your options before you get married. Once you get married, the prenup becomes legally effective and you won’t be able to change it…

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