Can You Reject an Inheritance?

Stories about heirs fighting over an estate are common, whether the estate is worth millions of dollars or consists of nothing more than the family home. What happens though, if an heir doesn’t want his/her inheritance? Can you reject an inheritance? Your first thought when hearing that question is likely something along the lines of, why would someone ever want to reject an inheritance. It does happen though, and sometimes for good reason. Rejecting an Inheritance for Emotional Reasons Turning down, or rejecting, an inheritance can occur for practical and/or emotional reasons. Occasionally, an estranged adult child is informed that his/her parent died and that the child stands to inherit from the estate. However, the heir might not want the inheritance as a result of the relationship, or lack thereof, he/she had with the parent. In this case, the rejection is purely an emotional response. Rejecting an Inheritance for Practical Reasons There are also practical reasons why…

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