Can You Depose by Skype?

Can you depose via Skype? Short answer: Yes. But make sure that you follow the rules. Depositions are usually done in person, which can be very useful for reading body language and other subtleties. But when an in-person depo is impractical or prohibitively expensive, a remote deposition can be a useful and cost effective alternative, especially given the availability of free and convenient video conferencing tools like Skype and Zoom. The usual reason for remote depositions is to save money. It’s cost effective, particularly when deponents are located in other parts of the country. For example: A case is pending in Los Angeles but a corporate witness is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Rather than spending 2 or 3 full days for travel and attendance at the witness’ deposition in Wisconsin, counsel can take the deposition in 2 hours by video conference and save the clients thousands of dollars. California law permits a party to conduct an oral deposition of a nonparty…

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