Can I Stay on My Spouse’s Illinois Health Insurance After Divorce?

Financial preparation prior to filing for divorce can substantially ease your stress during and after divorce. If you have been out of the workforce for some years, the idea of becoming self-supporting can be daunting. The three biggest expenses you need to plan for are your home, car, and food. Your fourth largest expense will be for medical care and health insurance. The annual premium for an individual health plan in 2018 was nearly $7,000–over $500 per month–and that plan comes with an average deductible of $1,500. Fortunately, Illinois has a Spousal Continuation Law (215 ILCS 5/367.2) that allows you to remain on your spouse’s employment-based insurance plan after divorce. How to Stay on Your Spouse’s Health Insurance After Divorce If you want to remain on your spouse’s health insurance after your divorce, your spouse must notify their employer and insurance company of the divorce within 30 days of the final decree. This will trigger the insurance…

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