Can I make a left turn on red? YES!!

Nightmare left turn scenario Yes, BUT… There is always a “but” when we are talking about laws. In this case the “but” is that you can only make a left turn on a solid red light if you are on a one-way street and the street you’re turning onto is also a one-way street. If that doesn’t make sense reread the sentence over until it does – the street that you’re on can only go in one direction and the street that you’re turning left onto can also only go in one direction (left). If both those requirements are not met, then you cannot turn left on red.  Or if there is a street sign indicating no turn on red then you cannot turn left on red —  you’d think the sign would be self-explanatory but people still struggle with it. And that’s about it. Just like making a right turn on red, when making a left turn on red you still have to come to a complete stop and make sure you yield the right of way to…

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