Can I file my Bankruptcy in Florida?

Many times a debtor looking to file bankruptcy will have recently moved to another state or jurisdiction. For example, if a Floridian moved from Jacksonville to Pensacola, he or she may have to file the bankruptcy in the Pensacola, Northern District Federal Courthouse. Jacksonville is in the Middle District along with Tampa and Orlando. The Middle District of Florida is one the highest volume areas in the country for filing bankruptcies. If a debtor has moved to the state of Florida and it has been less than 90 days since that relocation, the debtor cannot file in Florida. In addition, the personal property exemptions that are enjoyed by each debtor, could be different if the debtor has not lived in the state of Florida for the past two years. Therefore, if you want to file bankruptcy in Florida, you have to have lived here for at least the past 90 days.

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  1. Mun says:

    It is advisable for you to have an otearnty file your bankrupt for you, this is to ensure that everything is included and not one thing is left out, other wise it will be dismissed by the trustee, and if this happens you cannot immediately file again, but must wait a period of time.The cost to file for a bankruptcy depends upon several factors, is it a simple bankruptcy or is there property involved.If you have a legal aid office in your state, this is your best bet, if you cannot afford a lot of money.Best of LuckSource Licensed Realtor

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