Can Bankruptcy Stop Child Support in California?

Filing for bankruptcy can discharge (wipe out) various forms of debt, or reorganize the debt into a more manageable payment plan. However, some types of debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. For example, in California, filing for bankruptcy will not halt child support payments. However, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Roseville may allow a parent to get their child support payments into a more practicable repayment plan. If you need assistance determining if filing bankruptcy is right for you, contact the Sacramento and Roseville bankruptcy attorneys at The Bankruptcy Group today. Types of Bankruptcy in CA There are many different types of bankruptcies that can be filed by individual debtors or even business entities. Some examples include: Chapter 7 (Liquidation, straight bankruptcy) Chapter 9 (Municipal bankruptcy) Chapter 11 (Reorganization) Chapter 12 (Family farmer bankruptcy, family fisherman bankruptcy) Chapter 13 (Reorganization, wage earner plan) Chapter 15…

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