Can an attorney help negotiate the amount I must repay to my medical insurance company?

Possibly. In California, your health insurance company most likely has a lien subrogation right, allowed by state law. Your policy might state that you have an obligation to repay the company for any medical treatments you received after your injury, because it provided payment to third parties during the time you pursued an injury settlement.Finally having your case resolved is a relief, but learning that you owe money may be a bit of a surprise. However, your personal injury attorney may know of ways to reduce these repayments from your settlement proceeds.How Legal Assistance Can Help Health insurance companies aren't the only parties that might have medical liens requiring repayment from your settlements. Whatever entities provided upfront care and financing for your medical recovery may also require reimbursement. This includes:Med-CalMedi-CareYour auto insurance company if you were injured in a vehicle accidentPhysicians and other health care providersAn experienced…

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