Calls to a Lawyer Mental Health Helpline at Record High

While the stats are from across the pond, they are likely similar here. When calls to a lawyer mental health helpline hit record highs, you know that the problem is not new and only getting worse. If you know someone struggling, encourage them to seek help. As we’ve noted earlier, alcohol and mental health issues are more prevalent among attorneys. “LawCare, a mental health charity that runs a helpline for stressed-out lawyers, has revealed it handled 900 calls from 616 callers in 2017, an 11% increase on the year before. Forty-five percent of 2017’s callers were trainees or had been qualified for less than five years. Common reasons for LawCare calls include: depression (17%), anxiety (7%), financial problems (4%), and bullying and harassment (4%). But the most frequently-cited topic of all was workplace stress (27%). Though the legal profession is opening its eyes to the likes of agile working initiatives, it’s undeniable law can be a stressful…

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