California Radiologist Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Custody for Alleged Workers’ Comp Fraud

Federal prosecutors are much more likely to prosecute health care fraud involving private insurance companies than they were years ago. A recent case involved workers' compensation insurance and no Medicare or Medicaid or Medi-Cal. This case also shows the perils of a doctor defendant testifying at trial where the Judge decides that the doctor is not being truthful and imposes a sentencing enhancement for "obstruction." On June 18, 2018, radiologist Ronald Grusd and two of his corporations, California Imaging Network Medical Group and Willows Consulting Company, were sentenced in federal court  after a jury trial in December where Dr. Grusd was represented by attorney Tom Mesereau resulted in convictions on 39 felony fraud counts. Dr. Grusd hired a different attorney for the sentencing phase of his case.U.S. District Judge Cynthia A. Bashant imposed a sentenced of 10 years in custody and a fine of $250,000, and remanded Dr. Grusd into custody. His…

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