California Pharmacy Pays $75,000 Settlement for Failing to Keep Accurate Records of Controlled Substances Inventory

As part of the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) increased enforcement on prescription addiction and prescribing, pharmacies are facing an increased number of inspections and audits on their inventory and recordkeeping. Recently, in June 2018, a pharmacy in Lakeside, California known as Archana Corporation doing business as Leo’s Lakeside Pharmacy and its owners paid $75,000 to resolve allegations that they failed to properly account for controlled substances. This is a civil settlement but it can also raise issues with the Pharmacy Board. Failure to comply with DEA rules and regulations can result in fines or loss of DEA permit. Schedule II prescription and inventory records must be available for two years. It is always a good idea for pharmacies to review their procedures and ensure that these records are being maintained properly since an audit can turn into an expensive and time-consuming dispute with the DEA and create…

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