California Pharmacist Pleads Guilty in Federal Court in Los Angeles to Illegal Distribution of Prescription Opioids and Laundering the Proceeds of the Illicit Sales

The government likes giving catchy names to certain  investigations. A recent federal and state investigation into corrupt pharmacies, for example, was called dubbed “Operation Faux Pharmacy.” One of the cases from this investigation has resulted in a pharmacist and pharmacy each pleading guilty in federal court to one federal count of distributing oxycodone and one count of money laundering relating to the revenue generated by the sales. On April 29, 2019, California pharmacist Pauline Tilton and her pharmacy Oasis Pharmacy pleaded guilty to a federal charge of illegally distributing the opioid oxycodone, admitting in the plea agreement that she filled hundreds of counterfeit prescriptions. The red flag in this case was that the DEA number of the prescribing physician on the prescriptions was of a retired doctor.According to the plea agreement, from mid-2017 to July 2017, Pharmacist Tilton filled at least 345 fraudulent…

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