California Divorce: What You Need to Know

Most people cannot imagine that the joy and expectation they experience on their wedding day will one day turn into a dismal California divorce proceedings. Nevertheless, 50% of marriages nationwide, and 60% of marriages in California wind up in divorce court. If you find yourself looking at divorce, a local attorney can help you through the process. Meanwhile, you probably have all kinds of questions swirling around in your head: What are the Differences Between Legal Separation and Divorce? Legal separation is an option sometimes chosen for couples who have certain key concerns about divorce, such as Religious objections to divorce; Concerns about obtaining health insurance coverage in the event of a divorce. A legal separation allows couples to address issues relating to the division of assets and debt, child custody, support, and visitation, and so forth, but does not officially terminate the marriage. What Grounds for California Divorce are Allowed? California is a…

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