California Cohabitation provides "firewall" to divorce?

Nowadays we are seeing more and more couples opting to live together rather than getting married fairly quickly. A new article reports that due to such cohabitation, it provides a "firewall" to stop unstable relationships from ending years later in divorce. Back in the 1960s, fewer than one in 100 adults under the age of 50 were living together as unmarried couples. However, nowadays, the figure has risen to one in six, as cohabitation becomes more widely accepted and is no longer seen as "socially deviant." The Office of National Statistics found that adults were increasingly delaying their relationship commitments until later in life. In the vast majority of marriages – 80% in recent years – couples have spent a period of time living together before getting married. From an Orange County divorce lawyer's perspective, each couple is different. Maybe living together does provide a firewall to stop unstable relationships from ending in divorce. However, I have seen the demise of many marriages of couples who live together prior to marriage. Whatever the case may be, going through a Los Angeles County or Orange County divorce can be a stressful time in your life. In order to ensure that your divorce is handled efficiently, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for further assistance. Source: Couples living together provide firewall to divorce

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