Calculating the Marital Portion of Passive Appreciation of Non-Marital Property in a Florida Divorce

If you are a married person who owns a significant amount of separate property, the law in Florida when it comes to dividing assets between spouses could become extremely important to you if you should find yourself going through a divorce. Clearly, assets that are marital in nature (such as an asset bought during the marriage using marital funds) are part of the equation when it comes to equitable distribution. However, what happens to non-marital assets? Does each spouse simply receive all of his or her own assets? In Florida, the process is not quite as black-and-white as that, since the equitable distribution process must deal with not just the non-marital asset itself but also the extent of its appreciation during the marriage. If your divorce presents these kinds of issues, make sure you retain an experienced Florida equitable distribution attorney to handle your case. As noted above, the equitable distribution of some assets can be straightforward. If, for example, your…

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