By commencing a CPLR Article 78 action involving arbitrable issues, the petitioner may be deemed to have waived his or her right to demand arbitration of those issues

The Village of Bronxville terminated the employment of one of its police officers [Employee] and notified him that his "health insurance coverage, as well as any other insurance coverage that had been provided by the Village, would terminate." Employee objected, contending that the collective bargaining agreement [CBA] between the Village and the Bronxville Police Taylor Act Committee [BPTC] provided that he was entitled to individual and family health insurance coverage as a disability retiree. The CBA outlined a grievance procedure to resolve "[a]ny dispute arising concerning the interpretation, construction or application" of the terms of the CBA. Under the terms of the CBA, if the dispute was not resolved through the grievance procedure, the parties were to submit the matter to arbitration. Ultimately the Village Board of Trustees denied the grievance. When BPTC served a demand to arbitrate the matter, the Village commenced an CPLR Article 75 proceeding…

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