Business, Governments See Momentum For ACTA, But EU Snags (IP-Watch)

“Critics Raise Doubts on Narrow ACTA Process. But some ACTA critics say that is not enough, and that developing countries and civil society groups not part of the inter-governmental discussions are at a disadvantage from the outset. “These talks have all been going on between a select handful of countries that will basically decide what the parameters of the agreement will be and the concerns of developing countries, the concerns of civil societies, wont be included in the final text,” said Robin Gross, executive director of the civil liberties organisation IP Justice. Gross also is concerned that ACTA will result in increased data-sharing between governments – which could pose privacy concerns – as well as increased use of public resources that would be put toward trying to remedy a problem hurting “a very small number of companies” and would fund what she called “propaganda campaigns” to discourage….”

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