Building a law practice with social media

Social media can be a good marketing add-on for young digital natives to create a personal brand, make quality contacts, and engage with potential clients. Keep your smartphone camera handy and get ready to market on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube (you can skip Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, and Snapchat). That said, forget everything you thought about social media from your high school and college days. No more online arguments, selfies in crazy situations, or political rants. Remember, the internet is forever. Research shows that social media marketing increases your exposure, increases web traffic, generates leads, and develops loyal fans. Half of all people said they’d be likely to hire a lawyer with an active social presence, and if you isolate that to Millennials, it’s 72% of people. People hire lawyers that they know, trust, and like, and social media, when used correctly, is one place to accomplish that. Think of social media as social networking,…

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