Budapest on the Danube

The Hungarian Parliament Building on the Danube River in Budapest The D&O Diary is on assignment in Eastern Europe this week, with multiple destinations on the itinerary, starting with a weekend stop in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest. With a city population of 1.7 million and an urban population over 3 million, Budapest is a large, sprawling place. The taxi ride from the airport into the central city cuts through some pretty scruffy parts of town, so it was startling to arrive at the river and encounter the Danube’s sweeping beauty as it rolled through the city’s middle.   I have to admit Budapest completely confounded my expectations. I expected to see a lot of crumbling fragments of the Soviet era, along the lines of present day Warsaw, and I also expected to see remnants of Hungary’s long history, comparable to the many monuments and castles from the Middle Ages in central Prague. As it turned out, at least in the center of Budapest,…

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