Brick Business Law Wins Judgment in Civil Theft, Unpaid Wages Business Case

In the case of Reitz v. Lopez, in the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County in Tampa, Florida, Brick Business Law won a final judgment for the Plaintiff for approximately $100,000 in a hearing held in March, 2018. The case involved a business dispute whereby the Defendant entered into an oral agreement with Brick’s client to share profits from a proposed internet venture and to pay the Plaintiff wages for the time he spent on the venture.  The Parties worked together for several months during which the Defendant utilized the personal credit accounts of the Plaintiff to run up a substantial debt, supposedly for the benefit of the joint venture, and eventually left the Plaintiff to pay it. The Defendant also stopped paying the Plaintiff his agreed-upon wages for the work he performed for the joint venture.  The Plaintiff was left with tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid credit card debt and several months of unpaid wages.  There was no written…

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