Brian Goldfinger on the new impaired driving laws & their personal injury law implications (Ontario)

It’s the holiday season! Brian Goldfinger and everyone here at Goldfinger Injury Lawyers wishes you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and safe holiday and new year. Today (December 18, 2018) new penalties for impaired driving were introduced. The penalties are stiff, and have significant implication in both criminal and personal injury cases. With today’s installment of the Toronto Injury Lawyer Blog; Brian Goldfinger will explain what the penalties and what the changes are to the law. These changes have an impact on everyone (motorists, pedestrians and cyclists) across Ontario; so take note. One of the most significant changes to the laws is when it comes to testing and road side stops. Effective immediately, police officers can require any lawfully-stopped driver to provide a preliminary breath sample WITHOUT reasonable suspicion that the driver has any alcohol in their body. That means that a police officer can just ask that you “blow” into the…

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