BREAKING: German FCJ declares AdBlock Plus legal

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice has today decided in a year-long dispute between the German news publisher Axel-Springer-Verlagand Eyeo, the Cologne-based company behind AdBlock Plus.AdBlock Plus is a browser-addon that blocks banners, pop-ups and other ads. Eyeo claims it is being used on more than 100 Mio. devices around the world. Unwanted ads are listed in a ‘blacklist’ and automatically hidden from every website a user visits. However, Eyeo provides advertisers the opportunity to have their ads added to a ‘whitelist’, if they comply with certain standards that are set by Eyeo. Additionally, advertisers need to pay Eyeo to have their ads added to the whitelist. Once on the whitelist, ads will be shown to users even if they have AdBlock Plus installed. Axel-Springer-Verlag took offence at this business model and took Eyeo to court in 2014, essentially requesting a ban of the software on the grounds of competition law. The Regional Court of…

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