Breakdown in The State of California Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities’ handling Of Elder Abuse Causing Unnecessary Personal Injury

The State of California has chronicled multiple breakdowns in the state’s handling of elder abuse cases. There are thousand  of elder residents at senior care centers, including Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities across California that are beaten, sexually assaulted,  and neglected resulting in infected stage four pressure ulcers, dehydration and malnourishment subjecting them to elder abuse. The vast majority of these incidents are never resolved, and the perpetrators have gone unpunished, in part because the proper state health / licensing agencies lack the necessary resources to effectively investigate them. Even when cases are investigated, they often drag on for months, undermining criminal prosecutions and frustrating families of abuse victims from seeking justice. The State of California, along with the rest of the United States, should institute tougher penalties against facilities where serious…

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