BP Wants Us All to Look at the Bright Side of Things

Ever the eternal optimist, BP wants all of us, including maritime attorneys and fishing communities along the Gulf Coast, to look at the bright side of things. So what if 11 families have lost loved ones in the explosion, and fishing communities in Louisiana, Alabama and elsewhere are looking at the destruction of their livelihood? So what if the oil spill shows no signs of abating? BP will have you know there is a silver lining to find in this dark cloud. According to the BP magazine, local non-fishing businesses like hotels, are actually prospering because of the oil spill. Truckloads of BP executives and oil response teams have gathered along the coast of Louisiana to deal with the oil spill. This has meant that local hotels and hospitality-related businesses are enjoying booming business. Of course, it's very easy for BP to be optimistic. The $2.5 billion that the company claims it has spent on the spill cleanup efforts barely constitute peanuts for the company. Even the $20 billion fund that the company has been made to earmark for Deepwater Horizon spill claims, is barely going to make a dent in the company's armor. It's easy to look at the bright side of things when the situation is still looking pretty rosy for you. Statements like this continue to appall maritime lawyers and the persons who have lost the most from this spill. That is even though we have come to expect mind numbingly banal statements from the BP hierarchy. Most of us thought Tony "I'd like my life back" Heyward was bad enough. It seems that a culture of insensitivity and callousness rules at BP.

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