Böse, Bohlander, Klip, & Lagodny: Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Schomburg

Martin Böse (Universität Bonn – Law), Michael Bohlander (Durham Univ. – Law), André Klip (Maastricht Univ. – Law) & Otto Lagodny (Universität Salzburg – Law) have published Justice Without Borders: Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Schomburg (Brill | Nijhoff 2018). Contents include: Kai Ambos, European Criminal Law and Brexit David Baragwanath, Energising the Law’s Response to Terrorism: The Decision of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal of Lebanon and the Need for Further Action Martin Böse, The Transnational Dimension of the ne bis in idem Principle and the Notion of res iudicata in the European Union Michael Bohlander, “The Global Panopticon”: Mass Surveillance and Data Privacy Intrusion as a Crime against Humanity? Helen Brady & David Re, Environmental and Cultural Heritage Crimes: The Possibilities under the Rome Statute Albin Eser, The Role of Comparative Law in Transnational Criminal Justice Sabine Gless,…

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