Book review: Who Owns the News? A History of Copyright

Who Owns the News? A History of Copyright” is the work of a historian, lawyer and novelist combined. With this book, Will Slauter takes us back to eighteenth-century Britain and America to retrace the development of censorship, regulation and copyright in news publishing. Whether you are a keen copyright historian or merely interested in contemporary debates about journalism, this book is for you. Never has the legal history of copyright felt as contemporary and relevant, if we think about the current (and ongoing) debates about journalism, social media and [dare I say it…] ‘fake news’. Read on for more detail about this book.“Who Owns the News ?” delivers an account of the complex ways in which copyright emerged as a tool to control and claim agency over the news by authors, publishers and politicians. In doing so, the author stresses that copyright has only been one of many influences over the way by which ‘ownership’ has been…

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