Book Review: “The Uninhabitable Earth”

This book by David Wallace-Wells impressed me as useless and harmful. Avoid wasting your time on it. The first part of the book addresses several inconvenient consequences of the climate emergency. If you are interested in this kind of overview, I recommend “Six Degrees” by Mark Lynas, which presents the material with a method (ordered by various degrees of warming), while this book has no method or order apparent to me. Anyway, by now there is no need for a book to point out that the climate emergency is a serious and urgent problem. I already knew that much. The second to fourth parts of this book may have some merit; unfortunately I was not able to understand any of it. Maybe he wanted to discuss solutions to the climate emergency. I was not able to find any original proposal worth my time. The second part starts out with a discussion of climate fiction. Having written three science fiction novels addressing the climate emergency, I found that part boring and…

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