Book review: Competition Law and Intellectual Property in China

Two major themes in IP have recently been IP developments in China and issues at the intersection of IP and competition.  If you are interested in both of those topics, a new book on point has recently been published by Oxford University Press – "Competition Law and Intellectual Property in China", edited by Ioannis Kokkoris, Spyros Maniatis, and Xiaoye Wang.The book opens with an introductory overview of the development history of China's intellectual property legal system, the dual track approach regulating IP in China (i.e., administrative management and judicial protection); and with an overview on competition law, anti-monopoly law and the relationship between the latter and IP. Chapter 2-5 focuses on the different IP rights both from a theoretical and a practical standpoint, including patent requirements and procedure from filing to granting, patent litigation, and an entire chapter focused solely on intellectual property courts in China.…

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