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Boise Divorce Attorney, Boise Family Law Lawyers, Boise Custody Attorneys, Idaho Lawyer, call (208) 472-2383 or visit, divorce, custody, child support, modification, termination, adoption, domestic violence and all family law issues in Idaho. For Boise Divorce Attorneys, community property is a way of life. If you practice as a Boise Divorce Attorney you are intricately familiar with the Idaho Code sections involving domestic relations. As a Boise Divorce Attorney I often get phones calls from people in the middle of a marital dispute. Sometimes they have criminal law issues such as domestic violence but sometimes the criminal law issues actually require the help of a Boise Criminal Lawyer. When community property is destroyed by one party or the other, a criminal action may be filed. The destruction of community property falls under the Idaho Code regulating malicious injury to property and trespass. Boise Criminal Lawyers often see this statute in the context of a divorce situation. Malicious destruction of community property carries the same criminal penalty as when the crime involves property outside a marriage and divorce context. It is divided into either a misdemeanor or a felony crime and is dependent upon the value of the property. If you have a divorce issue or a criminal law issue and you need to speak to a Boise Divorce Attorney or a Boise Criminal Lawyer, please call (208) 472-2383.

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