What a hashtag coming yesterday from law blog pioneer, legal tech veteran and now law professor, Dennis Kennedy. Kennedy used the hashtag in a blog post as his solution to a growing problem legal professionals face when writing for third party publishers – #blogfirst. I’ve been rethinking my approach to publishing articles in publications. To my horror, I’ve seen links to hundreds of my old articles take people to “file not found” or other 404 pages. Other articles are now behind subscription or pay walls, or can be read only as you navigate through ad mazes. That was never what I wanted. I don’t think any author would ever want that. I want as many readers as possible. Then we have people finding a reference, and previous working link, to one of the articles you did for a third party publication in another article, presentation materials or a blog post. They coming knocking. At best, in most cases I at least have my last…

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