Blockchain Variations: Sidechains, Slidechains and the Potential of the Fork

As the blockchain avalanche continues, and ever-increasing numbers of blockchain-based patent applications seek issuance, savvy inventors and practitioners continue probing for patent-eligible space. Blockchain apps ultimately will face the same barriers as other software applications—key among them being new rules on subject matter eligibility. For those hoping to make it past such obstacles, performance-related refinements to blockchain technology may provide a safe harbor. Forks and SidechainsThe most common blockchain implementations are open source, and modifications to the software are encouraged. Modifications can be either compatible or incompatible with the original blockchain implementation. In some of the more common applications, a blockchain’s policy rules can be altered without affecting compatibility, while consensus rules must be maintained to remain compatible. For example, a policy rule may dictate that each financial transaction is above a certain…

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