Blockchain Creates Lucrative Opportunity for Movie Fans and Investment Firms

By: Jack Miller In the near future, producers, investment firms, and fans may benefit from the use of blockchain technology to fund movie production. Only a small portion of the movies produced are profitable, a few blockbusters each year drive profitability. Because of this profit structure, movie producers often buy the rights to ideas producers think could become a great movie, but ultimately decide to not produce the movie for a variety of reasons, one of which is a lack of consumer demand. This was almost the story for the successful Deadpool franchise. Producers developed the script, and 20th Century Fox filmed test scenes that were not released. However, 20th Century Fox decided to discontinue its investment in Deadpool and fans almost lost an opportunity to see Ryan Reynolds in this iconic role. Fortunately, an unknown source leaked the test scenes and fans were ecstatic. The overwhelming demand for the movie reawakened the production process. 20th Century Fox has…

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