Blast From The Past: Tips on How to Select a Divorce Lawyer!

PUBLISHER’S UPDATE: This is a blast FROM WAY BACK in time! It is a merger and update from a two part series on selecting a divorce lawyer, which we posted on December 20, 2007 and January 2, 2008! The information rings as true now as it did then. We have a ton of interesting articles in our archives of the Ohio Family Law Blog. Use our Search tool and enjoy a few oldie but goodies! Key Considerations When Selecting The Right Divorce Or Family Law Lawyer Selecting the right attorney for a divorce is an extremely important and personal decision. Take the time to properly pick your attorney. The outcome of your family law case will impact your future dramatically! The following are some key considerations in selecting the “right” divorce lawyer: Experience Most attorneys these days have narrowed their practice to one or a few areas of the law. Divorce law is a very specialized field. It is important to find a lawyer that concentrates his or her practice in the…

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