Blast From the Past: Bitcoins and Hiding Crypto and Digital Assets in a Divorce Action

PUBLISHERS NOTE: The ownership of digital currency including cryptocurrency and Bitcoin has increased exponentially since my first Ohio Family Law Blog article on the subject on October 4, 2014. In that”Blast From the Past” we provided an overview of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and we geared it primarily towards my fellow divorce lawyers. To read it, click here. Today, I want to update legal developments in this exciting area and focus more towards spouses who may be having marital issues and who own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce: Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Current Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Tidbits Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been in the news a great amount since the start of this year.  In 2017 it soared in value to almost $20,000 per bitcoin, but this January it fell to below $8,000. It appears that it is on its way back up until Twitter joined Facebook and. Google banning cryptocurrency ads on March 26, 2018.…

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