The Law Office of Doppelt and Forney, APLC is a full-service family law firm specializing in divorce, legal separation and paternity cases. We offer a free consultation at our office in Rancho Bernardo. At your free consultation, an attorney will provide you with legal analysis and suggest techniques to try to help you obtain your legal goals and protect your rights. If you choose to retain an attorney, we are here to represent you every step of the way, all while providing you with realistic expectations and protecting your rights as a spouse or parent. We will assist with the mandatory preliminary declaration of disclosures including the schedule of assets and debts and income and expense declaration. We can prepare pleadings for a default with no agreement, a default with an agreement or an uncontested case as well as litigating as necessary. We can assist with emergency hearings [ex parte] as needed. We also assist with motions for child custody, child visitation,…

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