Bing Extends Support of AMP Project to Mobile Web with New Viewer and Carousel

At long last, the wait is over! Two years after Microsoft incorporated the AMP platform into its mobile app to make mobile searches faster, the Redmond-based company announced the launch of the Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP cache. What does all this mean? It means that Microsoft’s support for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is now rolling out to searches that are made from their mobile site as well.. As mentioned above, Bing joined the AMP project back in 2016 and anticipated that this feature would be fully available by this summer. Our team at Justia learned about it firsthand at SMX Advanced in Seattle where Bing gave the big announcement this year. The wait was well worth it since now compatible AMP-enabled web pages will display the AMP symbol (a small lightning bolt) in the headlines section and news carousel of the Bing search results. Bing users will perceive a faster mobile experience as they come across web pages with improved loading times. The…

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