Bill Would Declare Official CNA to Patient Ratios in New Jersey Nursing Homes

A major proposition has passed the New Jersey Assembly Human Services Committee and will soon be handed to the New Jersey House for a vote. The bill would specify the ratio of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to patients in New Jersey nursing homes.  According to a spokesperson for 1199SEIU, the major New Jersey union that represents healthcare workers, the state ranks 44th in CNA to patient ratios. No Federal Laws Regarding Nursing Home Staffing The Federal government recommends nursing homes employ enough staff to meet the needs of the residents, but it does not specify a ratio of CNAs, LPNs, or RNs to residents.  The government also advises nursing homes to devote at least 4.1 hours of direct care per resident each day, with at least 1.2 of those hours with an LPN and 1.2 hours with an RN.  However, there are no federal laws mandating staffing ratios or the number of required hours of direct care for nursing home residents. Continue reading

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