Bill Browder, Self-Proclaimed Enemy of Putin, Briefly Arrested by Interpol in Spain

On May 30, British financier Bill Browder was arrested and detained by Spanish police due to a request from Russia to Interpol. Browder live-tweeted the experience, and was released a few hours later on orders from Interpol’s general secretary. Browder, once one of the largest foreign investors in the Russian stock market, has been persona non grata in Russia since 2013, when he was convicted of tax fraud in absentia and sentenced to nine years in prison. Since then, Russia has tried numerous times to apprehend him through what is known as a red notice, a request a member of Interpol can make to a member in another country to detain and extradite a wanted individual. Browder claims that this is the sixth time that Russian officials have attempted to arrest him using a red notice, and has expressed concern that “‘Interpol is incapable of stopping Russian abuse of their systems.’” Bill Browder is known for founding Hermitage Capital Management. One…

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