Bezemek on The Alien and the State

Christopher Bezemek, University of Graz, Faculty of Law, Institute of Law and Political Science, is publishihng Stranger in a Strange Land: The Alien and the State in the Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law (2018). Here is the abstract.The relationship of the stranger and the political community has traditionally been at the very core of various theoretical, historical and mythical accounts; in defining membership, in answering who is to be included, accepted and (thus) protected, in safeguarding a group’s position and its coherence. The essay argues that many of these accounts still prove to be of great value in a legal and political perspective: None of the questions raised today when it comes to the phenomenon of migration and inclusion are particulary new; rather they have been addressed frequently in sociology and political philosophy over the last centuries. We would be well-advised to rely on a broader perspective, on the teachings of history,…

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